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Workshop / Short Course

Know Your Energy Blockage
Find Your Blockage – Release Negative Energy – Achieve Your Goal

Energy affects your well-being. A natural flow of energy moves through your system that brings grace and harmony. Anything that stifles your natural flow of energy is a blockage. The blockage makes you feel “stuck”; it seems that something is holding you back from achieving what you want to achieve.

This course helps you to find the blockage and release the negative energy from moving forward. You can free yourself and be more happy and successful!

Course Code : WK020619

Using variations of meditation, breath-work, Emotional Freedom Technique tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, holistic aromatherapy, and her own life & teaching experiences, this workshop will enable you to

  1. identify the blockage which is preventing you from achieving your goals
  2. locate where the blockage might be in your lifetime
  3. release the negative energy associated with that situation
  4. replace it with a positive energy
  5. bring home a 10ml aromatherapy massage blend to reinforce the clearance

Date & Time
Class A  – 19 June, 2019 (Wed) / 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Class B  – 28 June, 2019 (Thur) / 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Course Fee  : $380

Language : English

Participants will find a “new”me and have more strength to walk their life, more positive thought and have more control of the situation they are facing.

About Ling Yee LIU
Born and raised in Germany, Ling Yee is an APA graduate, Internationally certified Aromatherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Therapist.

She has also learnt and practiced meditation for many years, and her degree in Psychology and a Masters in Buddhist studies strengthen her sensitivity to each individual’s needs.

She has been helping her clients in Germany, Italy, Austria, the US, Singapore and Hong Kong for over 10 years, helping them to overcome health challenges.

「二十四節氣導引養生法」─ 中醫的時間智慧

二十四節氣是傳統曆法的一部分,反映了太陽對地球氣候的影響,在古時不只對農耕,亦對日常養生以及疾病的 防治和調理有重要的意義。雖然在科技發達的今天,二十四節氣作為曆法的意義已經大大降低,但所反映的大自然變化規律卻依然適用。古人曾根據二十四節氣的氣候及人體變化,編創出一套 完整的運動養生方法,其中也牽涉到經絡。

課程編號 : WK020419



第一課(立夏/小滿) – 4月27日(星期六)
下午5:30  至  晚上8:30

第二課(芒種/夏至) – 6月1日 (星期六)
下午5:30  至  晚上8:30

第三課(小暑/大暑) – 6月30日(星期日)
下午5:30  至  晚上8:30

(新學員)  單課 $350
(導引班學員) 單課 $315


李雲寧中醫師 (Phoenix)APADHA, MIFPA, MNAHA, BChinMed (BUCM), MChinMed (HKU)李醫師畢業於北京中醫藥大學,並持有香港大學針灸碩士學位。

她現為香港註冊中醫師,擁有國內的行醫資格。除了扎實的學術基礎,她也接受了來自 四川峨眉山一支古老學派傳承,十多年來通過師徒方式學習到傳統的丹道中醫,其中包括了氣功和各種 養生修心的方法。

李醫師亦是國際認可香薰治療師,為Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy 文憑班導師,任教中醫、生理及解剖學,將所學的知識透過深入淺出的方法教導學生。

Certificate in Basic Massage

This 50-hour course is designed to enable learners who have basic massage knowledge who would like to build a more solid base on their technique enough to provide a professional full-body massage for clients in a commercial setting and not to say, for your friends & family members.

This course offers lots of hands-on demonstration and practice under the guidance of tutor.

Course Code : WK010619

Course Content
1. Personal and professional ethic, Health and safety
2. Swedish Massage & Deep Tissue Massage techniques
3. Contra-indications and contra actions

 Date & Time
18 June to 22 August (Every Tues & Thurs)
7:30pm to 10:00pm

Course Fee
$4,000 paid upon enrollment / Balance pay on 1st course day


Nico Chang, APA Therapist and Massage Tutor

Participants will receive an “Certificate in Basic Massage” issued by APA