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Professional Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy

Our Professional Diploma In Holistic Aromatherapy course has been formulated after years of our Founder Christine Saunders’s first-hand practical client and workshop experiences. Throughout the past years, we have further equipped our course with holistic views & training modules and become one of the renowned Aromatherapy School in Asia.

This course will enable you to become a confident and competent holistic aromatherapist in a systematic approach & with qualifications that are recognized worldwide.

Course Features

  1. Covering 9 modules of 320 class hours providing an in-depth, comprehensive and all-round study enable students to reach international standard for further advances studies and professional seminars.
  2. Accredited by and affiliated with international governing bodies for aromatherapy.
  3. Interactive teaching and learning environment.
  4. Taught by an experienced teaching team specialized in their own professionals.
  5. The school library with over 300 Chinese & English reference books available diploma students to access aromatherapy and related knowledge around the World.
  6. Provision of Mal-practice insurance for student in their Case Studies and enables graduates to practice in any clinical settings.

Learning Mode
This course is offered in both full-time and part-time mode to cater different needs.

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Course Structure and Study Hours
The Diploma Course is composed of 9 modules with minimum 320 teaching hours, together with self-directed study hours, total learning hours is around 790 hours. (The in-class hours, including examination hours, are fixed while the self-directed study hours are only a guideline.)

Course Modules

Teaching Hours Self-directed Study Hours

Total Learning Hours

Essential Oil Chemistry 12 18 30
Essential Oil Pharmacy 81 122 203
Clinical Practice 24 36 60
Communication Awareness 9 14 23
Holistic Views 18 18 36
Anatomy & Physiology 81 122 203
Massage Therapy 72 108 180
Traditional Chinese Medicine 18 27 45
Business Sense 6 9 15


321 474 795

Entrance Requirement

1. A genuine commitment and interest in learning Holistic Aromatherapy.
2. Holder of HKDSE with Level 2 or above in 5 subjects including Chinese or English Language.
3. Equivalent local or overseas qualification with the above.

Assessment & Graduation
Students are required to pass all school examinations and complete 5 case studies to graduate from the course.

Upon graduation, student will be awarded APA Diploma for further application for international associations.

Course Fee

Course Fee & Discount Rate
Full Course $45,600
Full Course (Anatomy & Physiology exempted) $43,600
Registration Deposit 15%
Special Offer
Early Bird Discount 5%
Full Payment Discount 5%
Installment Plan – 3 month
1st Installment / 2nd Installment / 3rd Installment 50% / 30% / 20%
Installment Plan – 12 month
with  American Express credit card


1. Exemption of the Anatomy & Physiology module will be granted to students with proof of
(i)  Previous training in this module with 50 hours or above, and
(ii) Working as a healthcare professional in current job capacity

2. Special offer apply to:
(i) Early Bird – payment 30 days before course start
(ii) Full Payment – one-off payment 14 days before course start

3. Installment plan apply to :
(i) 1st Installment – payment 14 days before course start
(ii) 2nd Installment – payment 30 days after course start date
(iii) 3rd Installment – payment 60 days after course start date
(iv) American Express Credit Card – payment 30 days before course start and Early Bird discount offer only

4. Additional Expense – Starter kit (Optional) & Mal-practice Insurance (Compulsory)

Information Talk
Application are required to attend an Information Talk where you will be able to understand in details the individual diploma course components.  It is an important part of the selection of applicants for the course.

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Upon completion of all modules and case study, you will be awarded the “Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy Diploma” and own the title “APDHA” (Asia-Pacific Diploma of Holistic Aromatherapy). You may then applied the membership of all 3 international accredited aromatherapy association.

With such an intensive and all-round training, you will be a competent, confident and caring professional aromatherapist for your family, friends and clients. Their pursuit of a healthy life will be greatly benefit a lot from what you achieved in this course!