APA | NAHA Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy

NAHA Certificate Course

NAHA Level I Certificate Course

Course Introduction
This course is designed to allow students to gain an international accreditation in aromatherapy with an all-round knowledge and hands-on experiences in applying aromatherapy in their daily living caring for themselves, families, and friends.

Course Features
1. The course is accredited by The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) based in USA and graduates can apply for the NAHA Certified Level I Aromatherapist®.

2. Covering 30 essential oils, 14 base oils, 3 base products and 7 hydrolats together enable students to have an in-depth and all-round knowledge in aromatherapy for further professional studies and methods to apply essential oils safely.

3. Covering massage routines on hands, neck & shoulder and legs enable students to have an effective tool to apply essential oils on the body.

4. Course teaching mode combined with classroom lecture, self-study, clinical practical & online class.

5. Personal experience from Clinical Practice session enable students to taste a professional aromatherapy treatment so as to understand the basic application in clinical approach.

6. The course structure is designed to allow a continuation to top up to NAHA Level 2 and IFPA Professional Diploma Course In Holistic Aromatherapy.

7. Graduates are supported by Continue Professional Development (CPD) Courses & Expert Series Class to grow their knowledge & capacity in their journey. An ideal first step for those pursuit for any advance professional level of study in aromatherapy.

Study Mode and Language
The course is offered in 3 study modes – Weekday Full-time mode, Evening Part-time mode and Weekend Part-time mode, teaching medium in both English or Chinese.

Course Structure and Learning Hours
The course comprises 6 modules, total 115 class hours. Combined with self-study hours, it requires a total of 285 actual learning hours to complete.
(Note: the class hours are fixed, while the home study hours are a guide for an average student.) 

Modules Class Hours Self-study Hours Total Hours
Essential Oils Pharmacy 36 59 98
Essential Oil Chemistry 12 14 23
Clinical Practice 3 0 3
Anatomy & Physiology 51 77 128
Massage 12 14 23
Holistic Views 3 3 6
Total 114 167 281

Entry Requirements
Applicants should have keen interest in learning aromatherapy and with basic language proficiency in listening and speaking of the class apply for.

Assessment & Graduation
Essential Oil Pharmacy and Massage will have continue assessment as well as examination. Students are required to pass all school examinations and complete 5 case studies to graduate from the course.

Upon graduation, student will be awarded APA Certificate in Aromatherapy to apply for the NAHA Level 1 accreditation and move on to Level 2.

Course Fee

Course Fee & Discount Rate
Full Course $12,800
Full Course (Anatomy & Physiology exempted) $11,800
Registration Deposit 15%
Special Offer
Early Bird Discount 5%
Full Payment Discount 5%

1. Exemption of the Anatomy & Physiology module will be granted to students with proof of
(i)  Previous training in this module with 50 hours or above, and
(ii) Working as a healthcare professional in current job capacity

2. Special offer applies to:
(i)  Early Bird – apply to payment 30 days before course start
(ii) Full Payment – apply to one-off payment 14 days before course start

3. Additional Expense – Starter kit with materials taught in class & usage in massage lessons

4. A 12-month interest free installment by American Express credit card 30 days before course commencement date is available.

Start Date

Weekday Part-time Course

Course Code : EPT1121-NL1

Start Date : 22 November, 2021
Class Day :  Monday & Friday
Class Time : 9:30am to 4:30pm

Language : Cantonese
Teaching Material – English
Examination – English

Enrollment Deadline:
6 November, 2021 (Sat)

Full-time Course

Course Code : EFT0122-NL1

Start Date : 11 Jan, 2022
Class Day : Every Tues, Wed & Thurs
Class Time : 9:30am to 4:30pm

Teaching Language : Cantonese
Teaching Material : Cantonese

Examination : English

Enrollment Deadline:
28 Dec 2021 (Tue)

Evening Course

Course Code : EPT0322-NL1

Start Date : 24 March, 2022
Class Day :
Every Tue, Thu and Alternate Sat
Class Time :
7:00pm to 10:00pm (Tue & Thu)
6:00pm to 9:00pm (Sat)

Teaching Language : English
Teaching Material : English
Examination : English

Enrollment Deadline:
16 March, 2022 (Wed)