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Continue Professional Development Course (CPD)

Certificate in Clinical Massage (Level 1)

 Aim & Objectives
This course is designed to enable learners to gain a basic practical and theoretical skills in clinical massage in order to enhance their massage skills to achieve more functional outcomes by applying clinical massage elements in their massage routines.

This course also offers lots of hands-on demonstration and practice under the guidance of tutor.

Course Content
1. Foundations of clinical massage therapy
– Principal of clinical massage therapy
– Tender points, trigger points, release
– Agonists and antagonists
– Fascia
– Body Mechanics
– Varieties of soft-tissue manipulation
– Approaching assessment

2. Massage for the body regions
– The head & neck
– The shoulder, chest and upper back
– The arm & hand
– The vertebral column
– The lower back & pelvis
– The thigh
– The leg, ankle & foot

3. The clinical application of massage
– Skeletal system
– Muscular system
– Fascia

Class 1 –  March 17 (Sunday)         Class 5 –  August 18 (Sunday)
Class 2 – April 22 (Monday)            Class 6 – September 1 (Sunday)
Class 3 –  May13 (Monday)            Class 7 –  September 29 (Sunday)
Class 4 –  June 23 (Sunday)          Class 8 – October 27 (Sunday)

Time & Total Hours
9:00am to 6:15pm / 64 hours

Course Fee
(Standard) $8,000 /  (APA Graduate) $7,800
$4,800 pay upon enrollment / balance payment pay on 1st course day

Prerequisites for Enrollment
All individuals who wish to enroll this course must fulfill the following requirements:
– A basic massage training on full-body massage with a minimum 64 class hours
– A basic Anatomy & Physiology training with a minimum 72 class hours
– A minimum 30 hours practical experiences (all case study during related courses will be counted)

Adrian Yahvah
Licensed Massage Therapist (USA), Certified Athletic Trainer (USA), BSc (UM), MSc (UM)

Adrian began as a massage therapist since 1998 in USA and had his education at The University of Montana where he received a Bachelor in Health and Human Performance and also Master in Exercise Science.

After obtained his qualification as a Certified Athletic Trainer, he started providing care to the Universities athletes, an ideal environment to practice manual therapy on a daily basis working with high level athletes and working with physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and other allied health professional in providing comprehensive care.

He came to Hong Kong since 2008 and continue his professional career in a private physiotherapy centre helping his clients reach their goals of pain free movement and optimal life performance.

In 2013, Adrian join our teaching team sharing his rich knowledge and extensive experiences on human body all through these years to our students through the teaching of Physiology. He is a hardworking and a popular tutor earned a lot of respects from our students.