NAHA Certificate Course

NAHA primary certificate course

This 120 hour course not only allows students to get an international certification of aromatherapy, but also provides students with comprehensive aromatherapy knowledge and practical skills in daily application, improving their lives, family and friends.

Staff may be exempted from reading “anatomy and physiology” unit, this course can be completed in 70 hours.

Course Specific

  1. This course is the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) certification course. Students who completed the course can apply to the agency to become NAHA Certified Level I Aromatherapist.
  2. The course covers 20 kinds of essential oils, 8 kinds of basal vegetable oil, 5 kinds of substrate products and 5 kinds of water, let students have comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of aromatherapy, not only can safely use of essential oils, can also pick advanced courses related to the letter.
  3. 2 sets of simple hand and body massage routines based on scientific research are taught to enable students to use aromatherapy oil in an effective way.
  4. To teach the human anatomy and physiology in a gradual and gradual way, the basic knowledge of the 10 systems of the human body is learned from the basis of the conceptual basis of the undergraduate.
  5. The course includes the DIY link, making 6 kinds of personal care products to let students experience how to apply the classroom theory to daily life.
  6. Small class teaching, so that students in the interactive environment on learning through inquiry, more consideration to individual student learning needs.
  7. From the relevant industry members of the experience tutor team to teach, specialist teaching.
  8. The curriculum is designed to give consideration to both theory and daily application. It is designed for friends who have an aspirations and aromatherapy journey.Curriculum model and teaching language
    The course is divided into two forms of full day or facultative, and the language of the class is chosen in English or Chinese.

Curriculum structure and learning time
The course has 3 units, 48 classes, 2 hours, 30 minutes, and a total of 120 classroom hours. Combined with self study time, the actual time required is 310 hours.

(Note: the number of lessons is given in the course, and the number of self-study is based on the reference data of the general students.)

Unit Class hours Study hours Total learning time
Aromatherapy Essential Oil 50 75 25
Massage 20 40 60
Anatomy and Physiology 50 75 125
Total Learning Time 120 190 310

Subject Exemption

If students can provide documents in accordance with the following provisions may apply for exemption of “anatomy and physiology” unit:

(I) had completed 50 hours or more related courses

(II) serving medical or nursing work related jobs

Curriculum assessment and graduation requirements

Each unit has internal examinations. Students must pass the examination of each unit, and then completed by 5 “case study” to meet graduation requirements.

Graduation certificate

When the trainees can meet their graduation requirements, our school will issue “APA certificate of Diploma in aromatherapy” to students so as to apply for NAHA Junior Certificate and further training.

Course fees (including the use of all materials, textbooks, handouts and in class)

The whole course (3 units) – HK $16800

Subject exemption (2 units) – Hong Kong dollar $9800

*APA introductory course students are remitted to Hong Kong dollar $500

Full payment
– Payment of the total fee of 5% discounts with cash or cheque before the opening of the class
– 30 days before the beginning of the class, the total fee of the American Express credit card can be paid 12 months from the interest free stage

Instalment (6 months course)
First payment of Hong Kong dollar $6720 on or before the beginning of class
The second phase of Hong Kong dollar $5040 is paid within 60 days of the opening day
The third phase of Hong Kong dollar $5040 is paid within 120 days of the opening day

Other expenses
Students can freely choose the school to provide preferential price “certificate of entry suit”, including the main products of classroom learning.

Enrolment requirements
It is necessary to have the interest in learning aromatherapy and the ability to read and write the language of the application course.

Teaching Team

Ada Lui
Ada Lui
Essential Oil Pharmacy
Jonas Wong
Jonas Wong
Massage Therapy
Wynnie Ng
Wynnie Ng
Essential Oil Pharmacy - Emotion, Holistic Views