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Q&A with APA Graduate and Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner Sunita Teckchand

Do you know Jin Shin Jyutsu? It is an ancient Japanese practice that balances the body’s energy, by using the fingers and hands to eliminate stress, create emotional equilibrium, relieve pain and alleviate chronic and acute conditions.

This March, we are very happy to have visiting practitioner and APA Diploma Course Graduate Sunita Teckchand in our school to hold an exclusive short course about this healing art.

Prior to her workshop in March, we had a little chat with her to find out more:

1) Sunita, we are looking forward to your Jin Shin Jyutsu workshop in March. You are an APA Diploma Course Graduate and have also studied various other healing modalities. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and how you combine all these alternative therapies?

My journey into the world of alternative therapies began in 1996 in Hong Kong when I did a short course with a company that sold essential oils. I then moved to Dubai in 1997 after the hand-over and started to sell essential oils there to Hotels and Spas. There was hardly any knowledge herein with regard to Aromatherapy. I then decided to enrol in APA’s Diploma Course and graduated in 2002.

I also studied a CIBTAC qualification with Cleopatra Steiner Institute and opened an Alternative Therapy Centre (the first of its kind) in Dubai. I then went on to study Reflexology, Regression, Kinesiology, Jin Shin Jyutsu, NLP and so much more. My journey has not ended in teaching myself as it is my continued professional development.

After learning all these healing modalities, I now combine what would be the best treatment to use with my clients. I find doing a regression session (past and present life) helps me to better understand my clients, then I either offer Aromatherapy sessions, Jin Shin Jyutsu or Reflexology as a maintenance program for them, plus offer aftercare advice on Diet and Nutrition too.

2) Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese healing art that is based upon our natural innate ability to harmonize ourselves. How is it different to other healing modalities such as Reiki or Chinese acupressure?

Jin Shin Jyutsu ® is the ART of the creator and we ALL have the innate ability to heal ourselves, by simply holding certain ‘safety energy locks’ on our body we can alleviate pain, discomfort, cramps and so much more.

Reiki and Chinese acupressure are totally different, as they are ‘techniques’ which you need to learn, study, and pass exams. For example for Reiki you need to be initiated, use symbols, it’s too technical; acupressure massage also is technical, while Jin Shin Jyutsu is the ART of happiness, and it is very simple.

Anyone can do Jin Shin Jyutsu on themselves and on others to help them out of where they are stuck. They only need to be aware of what they are doing, plus in Jin Shin Jyutsu you only need your hands and your breath.

I met a practitioner once who had studied so many different healing modalities, travelled all over the world and finally on her first day in a Jin Shin Jyutsu class, she clearly said that now her search had ended, because everything that she learnt and studied is ALL in the magical art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

3) What can our students expect to learn in your 2-day workshop? Will there be hands-on practice?The students will learn about the Art of Happiness and how they will apply this into their day to day lives to help with stress, any ailments they may be suffering from, and truly understand how simple it really is. Simplicity is easy to manage, complications lead to more stress.

Hence in this class they will receive 3 self-help books. In Book 1, they will work on themselves, lying down on mattresses and being guided by me where to place their hands. After we complete Book 1, we start Book 2 which is about ‘Mankinds Safety Energy Locks’: they learn to understand where the locks are located in their body and when we work on them, how they can support us. After this they will work on each other on massage beds with a mattress and a sheet on to feel the pathway of the energy.

We continue with Book 2 the following class and work more on each other to feel the art. After this we tackle the 3rd book which is about ‘Finger and Toes’ and how powerful they are to simply hold. Understand the meaning of this and opening our awareness to the Source of life, the MYSELF. Again the students will work on each other to understand the flows of opposite fingers and toes and how they use this for critical conditions.

At the end of the class (if time permits) there will be room for questions and answers, and they can ask personal things whereby maybe a family member is suffering and how to work on them.

Thanks so much, Sunita! To see more details about this workshop and to enrol, please click here – limited spaces only!