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Q&A with TCM Practitioner Pheonix Li on the effect of Hand Massage

Did you know that a simple, yet effective hand massage is enough to soothe physical discomfort in our daily lives?

This coming August Phoenix Li – TCM practitioner and APA’s Diploma Course tutor – will hold a ‘Basic Aromatherapy Hand Massage’ workshop to teach participants professional hand massage methods.

We had a little chat with her to find out more details:

What are the benefits of Hand Massage?

We can use it to improve circulation of hands, and the flexibility of the finger joints; it’s helpful for pain and other discomfort of the upper limbs. The function of hands actually may reflect the function of the brain, simultaneously, exercise or hand massage may help the brain function. Hand massage can help us to relax, if you don’t have time for other forms of massage, a hand massage is good for relaxation and help to sleep, and it just takes a few mins to do. There are many acupoints on the hand, massaging the hands will provide stimulation to these points, while the points are related to different functions of our body.

Can you tell us a case study of an effective hand massage treatment?

I did a simple trial in 2016, doing hand massage twice a week for 10+ elders in a month, and they do twice by themselves at home. After a month, most of them felt more relaxed, got better sleep, and got certain extent of improvement on the pain of upper limbs.

Who is the workshop for and what will participants learn?

The workshop is for everyone, everyone who is interested in learning some simple massage techniques to help yourselves and your family, especially if you have elders at home. The hand massage can help to improve the flexibility of stiff fingers and reduce the pain, which is a common issue among elders. The hand massage routine is rather simple and easy to learn, and it won’t take much time and energy to do.
You will learn the routine for hand massage and some simple massage techniques, including knowledge about some acupoints on the hand.

Thanks so much, Phoenix! To see more details about this workshop and to enrol, please click here – limited spaces only!