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Q&A with Sandra Dupont, APA Diploma Course Student and Founder of ‘Arhome Spa & Lab’

Today we had a little chat with Sandra, the owner & Founder of Arhome Spa & Lab. She is a former Interior designer and moved slowly into the beauty & wellness industry 5 years ago.
Today, Sandra is certified Holistic Aromatherapist, A.P.D.H.A, mFHT, mNAHA, mIFPA. She creates her aromatherapy Lab. in HK in June 2014, a holistic Healing Studio, specialised in Personalised Tailored Consultation & Aromatherapy treatments.
We talked about her genuine passion for aromatherapy, how she integrates aromatherapy in her treatments and what tips she can give to new students:
Sandra, can you please introduce yourself? What leads you to study a diploma course in aromatherapy?
I am a former interior designer and moved slowly into the beauty & wellness industry. It was all about 6 years ago when I started practicing yoga for my own well-being to release my heavy stress from my job. I found a new whole perspective to live a life for me and it can also help others. I therefore decided to take an entirely different direction with my career & life.sandra

I first start with yoga courses in Shanghai and my Yoga Master was always mentioning about the benefits of essential oils, how these oils in those little bottles could help my family, distress ambiance at home, in my office. At that time, “Stress & Anxiety” were the two words that best describe my previous life, so, I decided to have a proper look at this therapy.

As soon as I got my yoga teacher qualification, I contacted APA in Hong Kong. After the interview talking to Caroline, I clearly know this is the course that I need, so, I enrolled in the Full-time course (6-month in-class time + another 6-month case study time) and now I am a Certified Aromatherapist since 2014 with 3 International qualifications.

You also have your own handcrafted aromatherapy line. Can you tell us a bit more about your aromatherapy products?

I have launched my own brand named as “Arhome Spa & Lab” with my first 100% organic & Eco friendly skin care products for skin, body & hair in 2016. Everything I create is handcrafted using natural & organic essential oils, carrier oils, butters and natural components sourced arosandra-blog-pic-logound the World. Products are only made in small batches to ensure the highest level of freshness.

My products are mainly in 3 categories, namely, Specialized Range for with serums & cream for eyes & faces, Fundamentals Range with toner, facial scrub, face oils & make-up remover and Lifestyle & Massage Range with roll-on blends, dry-shampoo, room & face spritzer.sandra-blog-products

There is also Seasonal Range launch to cater for the different needs.

Can you tell us a little bit about your aromatherapy journey
sandra-blog-pic-lavendar-harvestDifficult to talk about it, as it’s not yet & will never be finished. I’m passionate with essential oils, their components & synergies. I read a lot books about aromatherapy in French & in English, buying also some new oils to test, to smell, to blend…I had the chance this summer to harvest my own lavender in France, the next step will be to buy an alambic to be able to distill myself.
How do you apply your knowledge as a qualified aromatherapist?
As a qualified aromatherapist, I almost applied my knowledge daily, in business, blending & giving treatments and on my own self & family, but most of all, I cannot help keep talking about all the benefits all the time, it’s surrounding me every moment!

Thanks so much, Sandra!
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Our next full-time Diploma Course (English) starts on 28 February, 2017 – find more details here.