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Q&A with AromaQuotient founder and APA Graduate Cecilia

We recently had a chance to interview Cecilia Tang who was our very first speaker at our Sharing Session. Cecilia is not only an APA Diploma Course Graduate but also founder and owner of Hong Kong’s online holistic aromatherapy store “AromaQuotient.”

We talked about why she decided to study aromatherapy, the philosophy behind her thriving business and her tips to master APA’s Diploma Course in Holistic Aromatherapy:

1) Cecilia, what were your reasons for studying aromatherapy?

Cecilia Tang
I find essential oils are very useful and powerful tools, as compared to my background in the pharmaceutical industry where I worked for years. We can apply them in our daily life in every aspect: from household care, physical, mental and spiritual care – all inclusive. Also, aromatherapy should be introduced to more people in a proper way in order to enjoy the best of it.

2) Can you tell our readers a bit about the scope of the Diploma Course and what you enjoyed most?

What I enjoyed most from the diploma course was the interaction with the people who like exploring the beauty of natural healing, to achieve a holistic way of living, taking care of our body and environment with our whole heart. The diploma course opened the doors for me to explore the natural healing world with a holistic point of view and a different perspective.

3) Were there any subjects you found difficult or challenging?

I find Anatomy is the most challenging subject to me, there are plenty of new biology terms, but it helps a lot for further studies on other subjects.

4) You have founded your very own aromatherapy online store “AromaQuotient” – what is the philosophy for your business?

I believe we all have the instinct for nature and aromatherapy with essential oils is one of it. If we can make best use of our nature instinct, combine it with an “aroma quotient” – the intelligence of aroma – then we can bring the best of our self, enjoy what the mother earth provides us.

Also, our brand core belief is to avoid artificial fragrances, synthetic and other unnecessary ingredients in our products and to use only the most effective and essential ingredients.

5) Any tips for our readers who are interested in taking our Diploma Course?

It will be hard work, but it’s worth it. Just be prepared it will change your life, you will get to know yourself more, become lighter and happier.

Thank you, Cecilia!

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