Carrier Oil of the Month: Argan Oil

This month’s carrier oil has gained increased popularity in recent years and is known as a cosmetic oil particularly beneficial for hair and skin. In Africa, where it is from, the highly nutritious oil is widely used as a culinary oil for salads or dipping bread. Very rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, this nutty-flavored oil can contribute to the body’s health in many ways: Argan Oil (Argania spinosa)

The golden-colored Argan Oil from the Moroccan Argan Tree is extracted from the kernels by hand, making it a labour-intense process. Cosmetic companies value this oil for its nutrient-rich composition which also includes saponins that have skin softening properties. Research has shown various health benefits similar to olive oil when consumed regularly.

What are Argan Oil’s prominent actions?

This wonderful carrier oil is good for all skin types, especially for damaged and mature skin. Argan Oil has anti-aging, anti-flammatory as well as anti-oxidant actions and is mainly used for:

Skin & Hair Treatments
Treatment of scars and stretch-marks after pregnancy
Healing of skin inflammation (acne), burns and bruises

Argan Oil has a light texture and blends well with all 「skin essential oils」. Our Carrier Oil of the Month is now on special offer for a limited time only and while stock lasts! See our promotion details here: Argan Oil