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About Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy

Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy was founded in 1999 by Chancellor Christine Saunders, aims at training outstanding professional aromatherapy aromatherapy benefits, the promotion to the Asia Pacific region in Asia. APA provides the most comprehensive aromatherapy diploma, with Chinese and English courses to meet the different needs, Hongkong is only three Accreditation Association International aromatherapy institutions, including British and American IFPA NAHA NZROHA, new zealand.

At present, the college has become a diversified professional aromatherapy services, not only for all kinds of courses, certificate courses, diploma courses and workshops to provide more complete treatment of different services, based on natural orientation to assist guests to restore vitality, achieve healing effect. In view of the students and customers of products the increasing demand, we also have a series of sales with professional therapists strict selection requirements and has remarkable curative effect of the essential oil, base oil, treatment and related products.

As a college, we are close to the latest trend of international scientific research and abide by high quality standards, and will never compromise with business interests. We have been trusted by our students and customers and grow with them.

Honorary President

Christine Saunders, T.I.D.H.A. acquired the diploma of aromatherapy in 1994, and then worked in private practice in Hongkong. In view of the demand for professional training in aromatherapy in Asia, she began to prepare a professional aromatherapy course in 1997.

The life of the Christine are keen to share the essential oils of knowledge and experience. As a therapist, she worked for the guests to provide support in the healing process; as an educator, she thought of students, enable them to become confident and competent aromatherapy practitioners.

An Invitation from Founder

Executive director

Caroline Fan, Bed, MA, MIFPA, MNAHA

Caroline is a Graduate Diploma in Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy (APA), who has completed the course of Diploma in aromatherapy. After completion of the course in 2007, several founders, Christine Saunders, manage APA so far.

With her formal training in education and aromatherapy, plus the past more than 15 years of business management experience, she is committed to the relevant experience that APA continues to be the leading aromatherapy Institute in Hongkong, through the training of outstanding professional aromatherapy benefits to promotion to the public daily application of essential oils on the body and mind treatment the.