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Aromatherapy treatment?

Aromatherapy can be broadly defined as a way to promote the physical and mental health by using the essential aromatic essential oil (the essence of plants).

The best way to learn aromatherapy is to experience its benefits, but before you start, you may want to know some experiences accumulated by predecessors in the journey of aromatherapy.

APA, it is a great honor to invite many world famous aromatherapy / essential oils experts to share with you some inspiring personal experiences of this mysterious therapy art.

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Aromatherapy treatment is such as its name, in the treatment of aromatherapy. But what is the treatment of Aromatherapy? I believe that aromatherapy is a tool, through the application of aromatic plants we interact with others, so that we can be in the form of evolution and development of the whole to a higher level of spiritual life. First of all, we must be aware of our own are carried out in this journey. This is not a life, is our own life once aware of this. We will agree when we interact with others, our journey of life immediately becomes more abundant, and we can also help others lead auxiliary journey, leaving marks on their journey.

The aromatic plant has few other media profound effect. It can enter into the memory of the past, and have strong ties, while only a few psychotherapists can achieve the same effect. Many people study and try to explain the chemical structure of the plant; and many industry insiders have explained how the body through massage and oral absorption method but the effect of herbal essence. The aromatic spirit has not been deconstructed. Some people think that with the olfactory receptor and brain cognition, but no one really understand how fragrant affect our mental level, only know the secret of aromatic molecules. This is probably because no known fact that aromatherapy has the power.

In fact, we do not need to understand, just to experience this. As with the true meaning of life: we do not need to understand, only need to go through. We are the soul of ontology in the human journey, so we are in the experience of the trip, and non intellectual journey. For me, aromatherapy is my personal growth and development tool. This tool I share with others, together we called for the journey of life ahead.

About Alan Howell

Alan in 1985 to study herbology. He was particularly interested in the energy of the plant, then turned to the study of energy medicine. He graduated from the British School of Shiatsu-Do, is recognized by the chiropractors. He is keen on the orientation of the whole work, so the body work has been widened to cover the nutritional and environmental issues. He will herbs, nutrition, environment and body work with each other, due to his desire to coordinate energy system of the body. He is good at Shin-Tai in terms of pressure.

My aromatherapy tour started with a major life caused by the change of lavender essential oil. It is a turning point in my life, I immediately launched an exciting journey to explore the aromatic world, the so-called aromatherapy aromatherapy. For many people, may be a new concept, but its origin in fact, can be traced back to the Neanderthals (Neanderthal man). It is an ancient art, is also a modern science. It’s wonderful journey through history, and ancient dynasty empire across the world.

In all of the ancient civilization, our ancestors are relying on plant food, health care and treatment. As far as the stone age, our ancestors had learned to plant for medicine, treatment, or religious ritual. The ancient Egyptians to frankincense and no medicinal for embalming. The ancient Greek people’s contribution was the invention of the distillation the Romans in technology. For the pleasure of the aromatic essence. In the year 3, Rome is the world’s bath, which has 1000 bathroom. All the shower will be first in the body and massage oil, then bath. Arabs perfect distillation technology to create a powerful deep essence.

In modern applications, we are aware of some of the time, the body appeared irreversible, its expression not ambiguous, it tells us to bear the pain and exhaustion. If we don’t listen to the subtle information issued by the body, the information will become more and more intense and loud, until the body through some of the symptoms such as scapulohumeral periarthritis, muscle tension, insomnia, forced us to face the problem.

When we began to stop and relax, and listen to the inner voice and body, we can discern the source of physical discomfort. Aromatherapy essential oils is the tool. It is a delicate and volatile liquid distilled extraction from plants, flowers, shrubs, flowers, trees, leaves and seeds. When you start the use of essential oils, you will perceive it can support us in different aspects, including consciousness and physical / emotional / subconscious. It helps us to relax and restore vitality, convey cordial warm comfort and help us to affirm oneself value, to activate the self body repair function to create the ideal atmosphere.

I believe that aromatherapy can provide support for us, and to give strength, make us balance, health and physical and mental whole. I invite you to enjoy your fragrant tour……

About Christine Saunders

Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy Ltd. founder

Christine Saunders got the diploma of aromatherapy in 1994, and then he was in private practice in Hongkong. She saw the demand for professional training for aromatherapy in Asia, and began to prepare a professional aromatherapy course in 1997.

The life of the Christine are keen to share the essential oils of knowledge and experience. As a therapist, she committed to the guest in the healing process to provide support; as an educator, she thought of students, enable them to become confident and competent aromatherapy practitioners of responsibility.

The world is becoming increasingly industrialized and urbanized. Humanity is swelling, while Nature is shrinking. According to a study conducted by the University of Exeter, published in July 2011, one in 10 species could face extinction by the year 2100 if current climate change impacts continue.

People are relying more and more on technology to interpret the world, and less on their bodily senses. All too often, the speed and demands of our modern lifestyle induce stress, anxiety and chronic fatigue.

Aromatherapy counters these trends in a number os ways.

By revitalizing the most primal of our five sensory faculties, the sense of smell, aromatherapy reorientates us back towards our vital origin in Nature – through the fragrant byproducts, known as essential oils, extracted from the aromatic plants with which we have co-evolved. This I believe encourages human beings to cherish and sustain the plant life on which we depend for our own survival.

By employing essential oils in our daily life, we also of course benefit from their active healing qualities – if we devote ourselves to their proper study, and utlize them wisely and creatively. Whether enjoyed through bathing, massage, or simply through smelling and inhaling, urban stress can be dissipated, anxiety subdued and vitality often restored.

About Gabriel Mojay

Gabriel Mojay is a qualified practitioner of aromatherapy, herbal medicine, acupuncture and shiatsu. He is Principal of the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy (ITHMA), based at Regent’s College, London.

In 1990 he founded the UK Register of Qualified Aromatherapists, which merged into the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) at its formation in 2002. One of IFPA’s founding Co-Chairmen, he has served as Chair of both Conferences and Publications, and was Co-Editor of IFPA’s professional journal In Essence. Gabriel has presented lecture papers at international conferences and seminars in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, the Czech Republic, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Canada and the USA.

He is co-author of Shiatsu: The Complete Guide and of Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit. The main focus of his work has been on the application of Oriental diagnosis to clinical aromatherapy, including its integration with essential oil science.

As for me, there is a huge potential for aromatherapy with good aromatic plants contained. This potential across all frequencies, and a high density material, with extremely fine and energy. Essential oils and related products, through its ability of communication and diversity, interaction and coordination with all levels our body, for we are in this imbalance and age is not clear, especially important. It send a clear message to the body and mind, we wake up the potential of self-healing at the cellular level.

I think aromatherapy is an important adjunctive therapy of modern health care system, which is suitable for my keen to show different treatment patterns category and how to effectively combine with each other, so that patients and caregivers were good. Therefore, I am committed to the promotion of clinical aromatherapy, and on different occasions closely with the nursing professional cooperation from a clinic, hospital and hospice hospice, including inpatient care and outpatient.

Rhiannon Harris FIFPA – http://www.essentialorc.com

About Rhiannon Harris

Rhiannon Harris, a senior aromatherapy therapist, educator, writer, and The International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy (IJCA) editor.

She lives in France Provence, offering accommodation in the vicinity of the mountainous residence course, and often to the world teaching clinical aromatherapy essential oils and science. IJCA is currently the world’s only in clinical application for aromatherapy journal focus, through empirical clinical assistance and inspired aromatherapy oils and related products industry will be applied to different health care management category.